Environmental Stewardship

    Emergency Response Program

    Cheniere is proud to play a leading role in the development of a clean, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy from the North American marketplace. At Cheniere, we work hard to minimize environmental and safety risks and hazards. We have developed and implemented a comprehensive Emergency Response Program (ERP) at every operational asset and administrative office to ensure Cheniere has the ability to respond to the most severe adverse situations. Implementation of the ERP at sites will enable our facilities to contain and reduce the impacts of situations resulting from emergency events such as spills, fires, or extreme weather. An ERP at each office addresses actions to be adopted to prevent or mitigate the impacts of risks associated with each administrative office.

    Crisis management scenarios are identified through use of established risk management processes and other appropriate methods. The adequacy of response plans are annually reviewed and tested with drills to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and changes in risk or organizational factors. 

    Cheniere’s ERPs have the following features:

    ERPs have been developed, implemented and reviewed to address specific local risks associated with each administrative office. The plans include identification of key persons that will perform response roles subject to the incident.

    Emergency response and business continuity processes include a formal incident command structure. Each asset has its own ERP team supported by a corporate business support team. Executives and senior management personnel oversee the corporate strategy in response to a significant event or crisis. 

    Cheniere has a hotline that can be used by employees or non-employees to report compliance concerns that, if escalated to emergency level, would then be reported immediately to the relevant emergency response team. All site ERPs have had annual external reviews for effectiveness and verification that the requirements satisfy ICS protocols and meet all internal requirements as defined for ERPs.

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