Community Development Program

    Community Development Program

    We are committed to being a responsible corporate leader in the communities where we operate and our employees live. Cheniere delivers on this promise by engaging in philanthropic activities that support our values, fostering strong community relationships, and enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement. Further, we approach our community relations with open communication. We share information about our projects willingly, and we proactively seek to understand our stakeholders’ concerns and interests.

    Community support is vital to the success of our projects and long‐term investments in our communities. We are committed to working with local communities from early project development through all phases of permitting, construction, and ongoing operations.

    Engaging with stakeholders is a key element of our efforts to optimize project performance, helping us maximize benefits for local communities, while minimizing impacts and risks. Communication takes place through a variety of methods, including individual meetings, public presentations, in-home informational briefings, local community advisory panels, engagement in local chambers of commerce and civic organizations, community e-mail announcements, local text alert systems, direct mail and community open house meetings.

    Community Relations Executive Responsibility

    The Senior Vice President of Policy, Government and Public Affairs is responsible for community relations throughout the life of a project, with full-time community relations professionals based locally to engage with the community.

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